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There's never a shortage of things to do in Indianapolis. And because it is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, there's an ever growing list of things to do. So if you are trying to plan a vacation but trying to do so on a budget, then why not take a staycation instead? All a staycation is is a vacation that is within your own city. In this case it's an Indianapolis staycation. Follow along and we'll help you plan your staycation. Get tips on things to do that you might not think of as well as tips on how you could save a little extra money on your staycation activities. This also includes any day trips that you can take from Indianapolis.

2013 Indiana State Fair

2013 July 27
by indianapolis

indiana-state-fair-2013Next week is the start of the 2013 Indianapolis State Fair. The fair this year will feature 17 consecutive days of family filled entertainment. There’s plenty of live entertainment, shows, competitions, contests, and of course plenty of delicious fair food. Just check the calendar ahead of time to see the upcoming day’s events and activities. Opening day for the Indiana State Fair is Friday, August 2nd and it runs all the way until Sunday, August 18th. Before you go though, be sure to read the tips below. There are several ways that you can save a little extra money off the total cost of your admission. And in addition to that you should also find a listing of the latest known coupons for the Indiana State Fair listed below as well for even more savings.

Tips & Coupons

  1. Stop by any of the Meijer Stores in the area and ask about discounts for the Indian State Fair. The usually run a promotion for buy 1 get 1 free tickets to the fair.
  2. Check with Turkey Hill Dairy as they usually have a coupon that is good for $2 off each admission ticket for Tuesdays.
  3. If you are a state employee or member of the military just come to the fair on the first Thursday and get free admission when you show your ID.
  4. If you are a member of AAA just come to the state fair on the last Thursday and show your AAA membership card and you will get free admission to the Indiana State Fair.
  5. Come to the Indiana State Fair on the last day and bring a Pepsi product with you to get $2 off the total cost of your admission ticket.
  6. Be sure to follow the Indiana State Fair on Facebook and Twitter. They will keep you informed of the latest news and promotions for discounted tickets to the state fair.
  7. Stop by any Walmart , CVS pharmacy, Indiana Farm Bureau, or The Marten House Hotel and you can purchase discount tickets to the Indiana State Fair there. This year you can save $3 off the cost of each ticket.
  8. You can also purchase your tickets ahead of time through the Indiana State Fair’s website and you can also save $3 off the total cost of your admission.
  9. In addition to admission tickets you can also purchase the Midway Pass as well as a reserved parking pass ahead of time through the Indiana State Fair’s website.

First Friday Food Truck Festival

2013 July 1
by indianapolis

first-friday-food-festivalOn the first Friday of every month from spring to fall, head on over to the Old National Centre parking lot for a gastronomic event. The First Friday Food Truck Festival features more than 25 different culinary masters. And in addition to the great food, you will also get treat to some fantastic live musical entertainment. Admission is $8 per person to the event. Get your tickets ahead of time through Groupon and you can save 50% off the total cost of your general admission. Now if you miss out on the deal you can still purchase your tickets ahead of time through the Old National Centre’s website and you will save $3 off the admission price that way. Finally, you can purchase your tickets through Ticketmaster as well. At last check they were not running any kind of a promotion or discount though.

Visit Indy Coupons

2013 March 11
by indianapolis

visit-indyBefore making any staycation plans this year, go ahead and download the Visit Indy app. This app was created by the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association and is full of great information on events, attractions, suggestions on where to eat, and more. It also has some nice coupons for local establishments and activities that you can pull up right from the app and present it at the time of purchase for your discount. The app may be offered by the visitors association but it can absolutely be used for locals as well. Download it to your smartphone and you will always be armed with coupons wherever you go.