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Caribbean Cove

One fun place for a little staycation getaway that won’t cost too much in travel expenses is the Caribbean Cove waterpark resort, which is located on DePauw Blvd. This 50,000 square foot waterpark is a perfect getaway escape that won’t require you to travel too far. It features 40 foot tall water slides, a plunge pool, interactive playscapes, a lazy river, multiple spas, and more. In all, it’s a fantastic family getaway for all seasons. Before you make your reservations though, take just a moment to read the tips which are listed below. They should help you to save just a little extra money on the total cost of your stay. In addition to these tips you may also find a listing of the latest known coupons for the Caribbean Cove resort listed below as well for even more savings.

Tips & Coupons

  1. First and foremost be sure to check out the special offers section of the Caribbean Cove website. Now this may seem like a no brainer but you would be surprised at how often this is overlooked.
  2. You can also follow the Caribbean Cove on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the latest special offers  and sometimes even exclusive coupons from the Caribbean Cove resort.
  3. Check with the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Bureau. They do offer a few coupons for area activities and attractions and have had coupons for the Caribbean Cove resort in the past.
  4. Look for combo deals offered in combination with other attractions in the area like the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Indianapolis Zoo, etc. There are often packages which include discounted rates at the Caribbean Cove as well as tickets to these other attractions.
  5. Check with some of the national travel booking sites. Many of them actually offer their own coupons or promotion codes which you can then apply towards your reservation at the Caribbean Cove resort.